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Shop Coordinator Position

Job Details:


Position Summary:

The Shop Coordinator holds a vitally important role within The Nail Shop’s team. One of the most important duties of the Shop Coordinator is building and maintaining excellent customer relationships resulting in superior customer service. The Shop Coordinator acts as the team’s “captain” navigating, directing, and executing all of activities within the Shop. The success and overall performance of the Shop largely depends of the effectiveness and accountability of the Shop Coordinator. The ideal candidate is a goal-oriented and organized individual who can quickly establish relationships and make confident decisions to ensure that the Shop runs efficiently.


Essential Job Functions:

In addition to observing the standards of conduct required of all Company employees, the responsibilities of the Shop Coordinator include but are not limited to:

• Ensuring that appointments are booked completely with all required information as well as keeping nail tech rotations as even as possible

• Booking appointments over the phone as well as via Instagram and recording them on all required platforms

• Keeping the front desk area organized, tidy, and frequently sanitized

• Handling all check-out transactions, both cash and card transactions (via Square) and recording them correctly on the Daily Totals sheet

• Making sure all required papers and sheets remain stocked at the front desk and printing new documents as the need arises  
• If performing a closing shift, checking and recording all tech totals, calculating tips, finalizing the Daily Totals sheet, properly organizing tech total sheets, counting cash, etc.

• Effectively shifting or adjusting clients as needed to ensure that nail techs remain as even as possible and the overall flow of the shop remains smooth

• Offering excellent customer service both over the phone and during in- person interactions

• Attending team meetings

• As needed, prepping acetone bowls, organizing and collecting color swatches, retrieving powders and polishes, setting up pedicure chairs, sanitizing, etc.

• Remaining accountable for all financial transactions

• Staying aware of the amount of supplies in the front desk area and letting the appropriate superior know when supplies are running low and need to be restocked

• Arriving to shifts on-time and being reliable as well as flexible with scheduling, including giving ample warning for any needed time off

• Responsible for handling all job functions independently and exhibiting confidence while working shifts alone


Position Requirements:

• Basic computer and technological skills in order to navigate multiple platforms during each shift, such as Excel and Square Space

• Excellent at managing time, priorities, and expenses

• Be at least 18 years of age or older

• Both weekday and weekend availability required

• Superior customer service skills including excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Basic knowledge of social media platforms, specifically Instagram

• Detail-oriented and efficient at multi-tasking

• Former sales or receptionist experience is preferred, but not required

TO APPLY: Please email your resume and availability to

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